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Timeshare Cancellation Experts is the best friend that always has your back. We have great advice and know how to get you out of a tough situation. We hate seeing when our friends are cheated and taken advantage of by timeshare companies, and we make sure to get stand up and get justice for everyone affected


Who Are The Timeshare Cancellation Experts?

It's time to get out of your timeshare for good.

If you were lied to or pressured into purchasing your timeshare, we can help. Each year thousands of Americans are unfairly sold and lied to by salespeople into buying timeshares... The good news is there is a way out.

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My payments keep increasing and I cant afford to pay them anymore. What do I do?

If you are struggling to make your timeshare payments, the first thing to remember is don’t panic! We are here to help and always have a solution. If you find yourself struggling with your timeshare contract and are unsure of what to do, be sure to reach out to us. You are not alone!


How long until my contract is cancelled?

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We help Americans cancel and get out of their unfair timeshare contracts so that you can spend your time vacationing how you want to.


How does Timeshare Cancelation team help me get out of my Timeshare?

There are many ways timeshare exit firms can work with you to get out of your contract ranging in effectiveness and price. The good news for you is that we've done all the hard work & research to find the best firms. 


Generally speaking, this can take anywhere from 1 – 12 months because every timeshare contract is different. Once we have spoken to you and received all the required information, one of our partners will provide an estimated timeline and schedule. 

Should I just rent or sell my timeshare?

We wish there was a more straightforward answer to this question, but the answer is: maybe. The current problem with the timeshare rental and sale market is that there are simply to many timeshares available and not enough people that want to rent or buy them! This is why in most cases the timeshare needs to be transferred back to the resort company or outright cancelled to ensure it’s completely out of your hands.

What will it cost to exit my timeshare contract?

We need to have a quick chat first, as everyone’s situation is unique (resort, options, number of timeshares). Once we talk about your specific timeshare, one of our partners can give you a quote. Something to keep in mind is that with any of our partners, you won’t pay unless they get you out. 


We help people who need advice for their timeshares! Keep it or cancel it, let's find out the best decision for your circumstances. 


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Results are not guaranteed and will be looked at on a case by case basis. Not all clients will qualify for timeshare cancellation and compensation in the form of a refund from their timeshare resort. We work carefully to select timeshare relief firms. Once you are qualified and accept our terms, we will introduce you to them to look after the management and administration of your recommended plan. Our online service is 100% free to use, and you are under no obligation to accept any of the quotes or product offers. Timeshare relief options are subject to conditions and acceptance. Timeshare Niall does not administer timeshare


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